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A Trip to The Valley Shoppe

Go Hug a Cactus connect up with the Valley Shoppe in Millbrook, Ontario this past Spring, when the owner reached out to us for an order of our white plant pots. We were thrilled to deliver the pots in person, as it gave us an opportunity to see the store for ourselves in person, so of course I brought along my camera! The shop features handmade artisan items as well as tropical plants, succulents, and cacti. Lousie also showcases several Canadian Artisan items including, jewelry, bath products, market bags, and candles. She's also recently added fresh flowers to her repretoire! Valley Shoppe has a charming location on the main street of downtown Millbrook - the newly renovated unit features amazing natural light to highlight the lovely boho chic interior. It was a joy to visit and even more so to photograph! Thanks again, Louise! And Congrats!

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